Teeth Whitening

You most probably notice them- people with white teeth. They always stand out. Everyone always comments about how white their teeth are. Here is the good news for you – Yours can be whiter!

Tooth whitening is defined as either the restoration of a tooth to its natural shade or the whitening of a tooth beyond its natural shade. It is also known as tooth bleaching. Substances like tea, coffee, calculus, can stain your teeth and change its colour. When a tooth is darkened by an accumulation of surface stains, it is known as extrinsic staining. But, when there is a discolouration in the tooth itself, it is known as intrinsic staining.

Whether extrinsic or intrinsic staining, we offer teeth whitening services that deal with them perfectly, so you can be sure of getting that perfect set of white teeth you have always desired!

As professionals, before we begin the process, we would inspect your teeth and make sure there is no decay or receding gums as this could cause teeth sensitivity. Teeth whitening is also ineffective for veneers or ceramics.

There are 2 main teeth whitening procedures that we employ. The first is called the Vital whitening procedure. This procedure is carried out if your teeth have live nerves and have access to blood supply. The most common vital teeth whitening procedure involves using gel applied directly to the surface of your tooth. Before this gel is used, we make sure that we apply a substance that protects your gums around the teeth from the effect of the whitening agent.

Once the whitening gel has been applied on your teeth, our dentist shines a light on your teeth and depending on what is seen give some recommendations as to the frequency and longevity of treatment. We would give you a mouthpiece and a gel to fill it with.

Non-vital whitening is for dead teeth. This procedure is for teeth that no longer have access to their blood supply. Using the vital whitening procedure does not really improve the appearance of the tooth since the stain is intrinsic. The dentist would have to use a different approach of placing a whitening agent inside the teeth. This is usually done until your desired result is obtained.

As follow-up to the teeth whitening procedure, you must report any case of pain in your gums. It is also expedient to note that teeth whitening is not a ‘once for all’ solution. Stains would always return and dependent on your diet and lifestyle, might require frequent visits to our office. If you smoke a lot, then you most likely would be seeing us in another two months after whitening.

Contact us now to achieve the for sparkling white teeth you deserve!



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