Oral Cancer Screening

We offer oral cancer screening services. You might have heard about this and probably saw it as a distant thing that is not meant for you or probably that you are in a good state of health. However, since going for an oral screening is very inexpensive and non-invasive (does not require you being surgically opened up), you should check with us. This is because statistics show that oral cancer when detected early can be treated easily. However, if it’s untreated and gets worse, it is usually difficult to manage.

If you are the kind of person that gets anxious when you hear anything β€˜cancer’ perhaps, this information is for you. You do not need to be afraid. We also have qualified and professional staff who know exactly what to do and can easily guide and explain to you throughout the procedure.

Oral screening should be done annually especially from the age of 18. If you use tobacco, then you might actually be predisposed. Some people are also genetically predisposed to oral cancers. However, with the discovery of the Human Papilloma Virus(16) which is frequently associated with oral and cervical cancers, everyone, whether you smoke or not, is recommended to go for an oral screening annually.

As professionals, when you come for oral cancer screenings, we understand that our examination starts from the moment we meet you. This is because malignancies can manifest in various forms, for instance, weight loss, slurred speech, a raspy voice, impaired movement can all be pointers to cancer.

When you show up at our dental clinic we would start to examine you. A General physical examination should not take more than 5 minutes. It usually involves inspection and palpation.

After a general physical examination, the dentist might ask you to lie on your back or sit face to face. Our dentist would also ask you to remove all dental appliances, like braces, so a good view of your oral cavity can be obtained. Our dentists use an external light source to give them free hand movements in the mouth.

The dentist then goes ahead to examine for contour and texture changes.

The lips are also a point of call for our dentist. Our staff have been trained not to overlook this portion 0f the oral cavity. The dentist examines for any asymmetry, contour, discolouration or abnormal texture. Our dentist might turn your lips and revert them, just to see what is going on in there. He would also feel your lips to know if there are any masses inside or change in texture.

The tongue – a very important point of call. A lot of cancers usually affect the tongue when they attack the mouth. The tongue can be swollen, discoloured or ulcerated. Our dentists would ask you to stick your tongue out and move it from side to side. This is because cancers usually affect the nerve that controls the movement of the tongue, so impaired movement can be a very good tell tale sign.

Although, the hard and soft palate are not technically considered part of the oral cavity, as professionals, we do not overlook it when you come for oral cancer screening. Our dentist would ask you to tilt your head backwards so a clear view of the palates is viewable. Any growths or masses could be a first sign of cancer.

The oropharynx, which involves the tonsils and base of tongue, soft palate and walls of the pharynx are also examined. We have laryngeal mirrors that we use to examine these parts.

You have just been taken through an overview of an oral cancer screening. Nothing to be anxious about, they are just simple procedures that are non-invasive.

Visit us today to have us check your mouth out!



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