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See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

Such a well run practice. Would give more stars if I could. Efficient, welcoming, accommodating and the list could go on. The clinic itself is beautiful, front desk staff were beyond friendly and welcoming.

Absolutely fabulous dentist, Dr. Gheed was amazing and so friendly, introduced herself and quickly diagnosed my daughter’s status and handled it, answered all questions and did not make us feel rushed.
I will highly recommend this place, it's really built catered for children and they get a positive experience with the dentist that they will carry forward for their whole lives. True professionals. Thank you!

Lomarlo Oakville

My daughter had the best experience with Dr.Gheed. Honestly the best dentist out there. My daughter wouldn’t stop taking about her visit to the dentist!!! Thank you so much we finally found our dentist that my daughters will go back to!

Wiam Khalaf

May I say that this is the first time I ever felt like I WANTED to go to the dentist Dr. Gheed set the bar soo high for her competitors even my 4 yr old son absolutely adored and loved how gentle the Dentist was, it’s a fun environment for the kids and so modern but the real miracle is the Dr. herself the staff is so friendly.... love all the refreshments and coffee bar as well.

Naime Avdyli Feta

Thank's Doctor, I'm very impressed with the quality of the service and as well by the technology. The specialists is remarkable. Also, the team is very courteous and human! The softness during the cleanings and the interventions are always there with great importance. An extraordinary team, Bravo!

Aicha Diane

Hardworking and welcoming staff. Good luck with your new business.

Lana Zahawi

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